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"Thank you Thomas! You and your coworkers did a great job getting the flying squirrel family out of my attic and the mouse family that I didn't even know were a problem. Very professional and I feel more secure in my house now that there is no way any critter can get in. I highly recommend this company!"
- Cheyjazz
"Squirrels burrowed a hole in my roof under a sofet and spent the winter in a wall in my house. It freaked me out all winter!! The chewing, scratching and running noises drive me crazy all winter! Tommy and his team came as soon as they could after the icy weather broke and buttoned up my house and all of the vulnerable spots for pest entry. They installed a humane one way exit door so that any squirrel left behind could exit, but not get back in after the seal up…. There was one left that did leave shortly after the install. My house is quiet and squirrel free for the first time in months! Have them come and give you an estimate if you have entry points in your home. It’s so worth it to keep your home pest free and comfortable! I’m so grateful for the work Tommy and his team did!! "
- L B Alexander
"For many years I have had a problem with squirrels nesting the attic area. I tried a couple of different pros and they didn't do what I hired them to do. Squirrels were still there and actually got inside my house and tore everything up. I am so glad I found Thomas of Pocono Wildlife Control. He is very smart and knows his business. He sealed the opening that the squirrels were getting through and any other they might try to get through. He cut branches that the squirrels were using as bridges to get on roof, he also cleaned my roof. Amazing! One year later and still no squirrels and he also managed to get rid of bats which I was horrified we had! Thank you Tom! "
- Elizabeth M.
"Some years ago we found out that we had bats living in our attic. Oh, joy. This was new custom construction, not an older home, but they apparently entered through our roof's ridge vent. Thomas' handled the job methodically and thoroughly, first sealing up every place on the entire house (not just the roof) that the bats could enter, then installing an exclusion device on the remaining exist so they could leave but not return, cleaning up the bat droppings in the attic, and exterminating the insects that take advantage of the bat roosts. The price was reasonable, the job handled professionally, and the bats have never returned. In a time when so many of the people we contract seem to always do something half-a**ed it's nice to encounter a service that's done right the first time."
- Paul G.
"Called and Tom was at my house within a couple hours and the squirrel in my fireplace that I was battling for a week was gone. Does a good job, excellent communication. Don’t waste your time trying to handle it yourself and just call Thomas’ Pocono Wildlife Control to take care of your wildlife problem."
- Dennis A.
"Tom and his crew have helped me out countless times for random pest related issues such as groundhogs, skunks, and raccoons. Always prompt, courteous, and professional. Would highly recommend for anyone needing quality pest control services."
- Cody A.
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