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Our Services
Our services are available from the second Monday in March (weather permitting) to the first Friday of November.
During the off-season, we still perform inspections (weather permitting), can provide you with a proposal, and if approved, will schedule the work for the upcoming spring on a first come first serve basis.

Wildlife Exclusion

Exclusion describes the process where we wildlife-proof the exterior of a building in an aesthetically pleasing way. All vulnerable areas of the building are modified in such a way that the species inhabiting it can no longer gain access to the interior framework. Temporary one-way doors are affixed to the structure to allow any wildlife left inside to safely exit. When we are confident that the wildlife has vacated the building we remove the one-way doors and permanently seal off where they were installed.

Ground Exclusions

Ground exclusion describes the process of screening off the bottom of houses, garages, barns, sheds, pools and decks in order to prevent wildlife from digging underneath them. Once the perimeter of a structure is fully skirted we cut a small patch of screen out and affix a temporary one-way door, so any animals left underneath can safely escape. When we’re confident that the underside of the structure is wildlife-free we remove the one-way door and mend the screen.

Odor Neutralization & Disinfection

We treat areas that formerly had wildlife inhabitants with professional grade odor eliminators and disinfectants. These products are applied with atomizing foggers to ensure that every nook and cranny of the affected area no longer poses a threat to your nose or your health.

Repellent and Fencing Installation

Application/installation of bird, snake, and rodent repellent/deterrents. Deer fencing installation. Electric fencing installation for bears.

White-Tailed Deer Management

Professional sharp-shooting services ensure effective, humane, and safe culling of overpopulated deer herds in residential municipalities, gated communities, golf courses, resorts, and airports.

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